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2016 and 2017 Events and Courses

Continuing Education Courses and Workshops

We have developed monthly gatherings and courses in order to support spiritual learning and maintain growth, transformation and centeredness from breath to breath.

Information on CE (Continuing Education) hours and CEU's is included with the individual course descriptions.
Additional information on CE hours and CEU's and continuing education credits and credit hours for the healing professions can be found   Continuing Education Creditsat Spirit Unleashed  TM

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Let us know if you have any suggestions or requests, or if you are interested in hosting a course or workshop in your area. Please visit  Continuing Education Credits Spirit Unleashed  TM and Visit Powerful Light (TM) for more courses and informationPowerful Light TM for further course offerings.

An Introduction to Spiritual Astrology (TM) Image copyright 2012 by Roman Oleh Yaworsky Introduction to Spiritual Astrology TM

Starting September 27, 2016
Tuesday Evenings, 6:30 - 9:30 pm, Miami Beach FL

This is not just an astrology course. It takes astrology back to its spiritual and soul roots. An invaluable course for the challenging times we are living in. If this is your first astrology course, this unique and powerful introduction to astrology will take you to the stage of using it effectively in your life.

If you are already acquainted with some of the tools of astrology, this course will re-enliven your understanding of the core principles of astrology as a spiritual science. Details about Real AstrologyMore details: Introduction to Spiritual Astrology TM

For more information about Roman Oleh Yaworsky and the course, An introduction to Real Astrology with master astrrologer Roman Oleh Yaworskyvisit:

Call 305-866-9396 or contact HR Shaman for more information abour the Real Astrology Courseemail HR Shaman for further information and registration  


April Energy Awareness and Protection (TM) by Susana Sori. Image copyright 2012 by Susana SoriEnergy Awareness TM

October 8, 9, 2016
February 25, 26, 201

Miami FL

12 CE hours for Licensed Massage Therapists
Continuing Education Credits for qualified Florida professionals

This workshop introduces you to the sense of the energy transactions that occur around you, so that you can be more aware in real time. Course participants receive direct initiation and activation of the Bands of Protection that act as energetic buffers and filters to protect your well being. The workshop introduces you to practical tools to protect and take care of your energy. Details about Energy Awareness and ProtectionMore about about Energy Awareness 


Dying Consciously Workship Alumni GatheringDying Consciously - Ancient Knowledge for Supporting Another, Gracefully
2.5-Day Workshop

November 4 (evening), 5, 6 , 2016
June 16
(evening), 17, 18, 2017

18 Continuing Education Credits for various Florida professionals  

A two and a half day experiential training to learn the The Four Gifts of Passage™ with which to assist your loved one, or patient, to die with completion and dignity. A paradigm shifting course!

In this weekend you will learn the practical and tangible tools of a true friend. In preparing you to offer this assistance to your loved ones or patients, we have included an incredible wealth and depth of information, much of it not previously attainable unless you went through years of apprenticeship or study.

This course offers you as a participant a direct experience of the Luminous Energy Field through hands on practice. You will experience the healing potential of a number of energy medicine tools during class. Later, this imbibed knowledge will be the strong foundation for you to be able to assist a loved one through their greatest transition. More about The Greates Journey: Dying ConsciouslyMore about The Greatest Journey: Dying Consciously 

Healing Passges (TM) by Susana Sori and Roman Oleh Yaworsky, copyright 2012 by Roman Oleh YaworskyNEW! Being in the Present Moment TM

November 19, 2016

Miami location TBA details with registration

9:30 am - 5:30 pm

$135 early registration, at least one week in advance of the course
$150 at the door

More about Energy Awareness and Protection 6 CEUs are available for eligible healing professions.

Explore the inner state with a guided Shamanic Journey or a deep guided meditation. Learn the keys to support your own healing meditation journey. Each evening includes a question and answer session, sharing and instructions.  Transforming Times: Pivital Moments in Our LIves, Relationships and Careers (TM) WorkshopMore about Being in the Present Moment



Fire Ceremony at HR Shaman, Miami Beach FL. Image copyright 2012 by Susana SoriShamanic Journey and Sacred Fire Ceremony

December 3, 2016
Miami, FL

A Despacho ceremony is an ancient event which is widely performed even today by the Shamans of Peru. This ceremony is offered to renew the powers of nature in our body, mind and spirit, and aligns us with heaven and earth.

The particular type of Despacho to be celebrated on this date is called Ayni Despacho. Ayni means the ability to give and receive: as we offer blessings to the world, we receive the Earth’s blessings in return. The Despacho or bundle, is then offered to Mother Earth via her element of fire in a Sacred Fire Ceremony.

The beauty of these two ceremonies is that if brings the participants into the blessed fold of each moment, in meditation and inner silence.Details about Energy Awareness and ProtectionMore about Shamanic Journey and Sacred Fire Ceremonies




Healing Passges (TM) by Susana Sori and Roman Oleh Yaworsky, copyright 2012 by Roman Oleh YaworskyNine Inka Rites for Spiritual Activation
In their original Quechuan language

December 10, 2016: The Bands of Power, Harmony Rites and Healer Rites
January 7, 2017: Seer Rites, Day Keeper Rites and Wisdom Keeper Rites
February 4, 2017:  Earth Keeper Rites, Star Keeper Rites and Creator's Rites

Miami or Miami Beach, FL

The ancient healers and shamans from the High Andes of Peru have gifted us with a set of energetic initiations which are doors for us to walk through. These initiations occur at the energetic and spiritual levels of our being, imprinting within us nine keys to access our true potential  Transforming Times: Pivital Moments in Our LIves, Relationships and Careers (TM) WorkshopMore about the Nine Inka rites


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