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Susana Sori is an energy medicine and holographic repatterning (R) practioner cetified by the Four Winds, The Institute for Energy Medicine and the Holographic Repatterning (R) Association. Image copyright 2010 by Susana Sori

A Warm Welcome to You!

"I welcome the opportunity to support you in the continuing journey that opens up more possibilities for your growth and greatness.

My interest lies in supporting others to embrace their innate ability to focus on the flow of the moment, to be joyfully real, courageous and truly present. I take delight in and have achieved great success with supporting people’s positive change and transformation. My focus has been to draw out the person, their abilities and courage, more often than to simply treat a symptom or initial problem."

Susana Sori has a worldwide practice, offering profound transformational support to clients via individual, couple and group person, by phone and by proxy. She brings together her expertise in Energy Medicine, Life Coaching, Management and Leadership Training. Her clients are from such various areas as North, Central and South America, Canada, Europe and China. Healer and Energy Medicine Practitioner, Susana Sori More about Susana

To book an appointment with Susana:

Support for Healing and Transformation

If this will be your first session, know that Susana's mission is to partner transformation with integrity and love. Feel free to browse through this site and find answers to many of your questions.

If you have already had sessions sessions with Susana, you have experienced the benefits of increased insight, depth of awareness and profound transformations. Browse this site at your leisure.

Experience this healing method as effectively practiced with the lightheartedness and shamanic understanding that Susana brings.

Susana Sori offers Resonance Repatterning System of Healing and Transformation. Image copyright 2011 by Roman Oleh YaworskyThe Resonance Repatterning ® System for Energy Healing and Transformation

Also known as Holographic Repatterning ®, this is a very effective process towards positive change in any area of our life where we experience limitation. When this energy healing process is facilitated by an experienced practitioner, you can finally release all non-coherent patterns, attitudes, beliefs, past experiences and energy constrictions that have been holding you back from your goals, dreams, successes, great relationships, happiness, self-confidence and joy.

Susana Sori offers Shamanic Healing and Energy Medicine, including Soul Retrieval, Illumination, Divination, Extraction and Rites of PassageShamanic Healing & Energy Medicine

The Shamanic healing traditions offer profound energy healing and transformative energy medicine practices that help to re-connect to sprit and harmony.

At the physical level, we carry the effects of non resonant experiences in the form of injuries, illnesses and the non optimal functioning of our organs, physiology and the systems of the body.

Our energy body, that includes our aura and chakras also holds the consequences of discordant experiences and injuries. As a result we may 'not feel right in our skin', sense that something is missing or holding us back. To release old emotional scars or to rebalance our energetic state, a number of services are offered from the Inca healing tradition, including soul retrieval, Illumination, Divination & Destiny Retrieval, Dense Energy Removal & Extraction of Negative Influences, Rites of Passage, Traditional Ceremonies and the Final Rites of Passage and support for the final journey.

The shamanic traditions include the tracking of physical and psychological stories that reveal the wounds that may have manifested as physical or emotional issues. The release of long held habitual or emotional reactions can be supported through the decoupling of the 'fight/flight response.

Healing support for yoga, meditation and spiritual awakening is offered by Susana SoriHealing Support from the Shamanism of Yoga and Eastern Systems

Susana's extensive training under masters of meditation and yoga have qualified her to help you with Spiritual Awakening Support, Spiritual Life Coaching, Movement and Breath Work, as well as the Clearing of Energetic Blockages using Hatha Yoga postures and Awareness Techniques.

Suana Sori offers sacred fired cermonies in Miama and Miami Beach FloridaSacred Fire Ceremonies

Sacred Fire Ceremonies reconnect us to our heart, to the sacred and to timelessness, the place of healing. It is why we are attracted to the fire - it reminds us of the spontaneity revealed within our own heart.

At the shamanic level, the fire ceremony presents us with an opportunity for positive shift. It is a way to connect and to speak to the universal heart and to direct our offerings to spirit and to our ancestors.

Susana Sori provides support through the powerful shamanic tool of dinvination for her clients. Image copyright 2011 by Roman Oleh YaworskyDivination

Divination is a powerful shamanic tool to uncover and track the underlying issues that may be holding you back from your life goals and success. Going outside of normal time, the significant issues and outcomes can be revealed to guide a client in their choices and opportunities.

Susana Sori: Clearing homes and workspaces of negative past influences in the Miami areaClearing Homes and Workspaces of Negative Past Influences

As a result of past trauma or pervious occupants, a home or workplace can hold the imprints of negative non-coherent patterns and influences. Often, in such a cases their can be a heaviness in the energetics of a home or workplace that can be sensed or felt. Through shamanic means, the negative past influences can be cleared, restoring the positive qualities of the space. At this time, individual clearing and energy healing is recommended, so that the process is complete. This service is currently available in the greater Miami and Fort Lauderdale area.

Susana Sori at HR Shaman offers support for individuals, couples, familes and groupsSupporting Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups

Susana is equally at ease working with individuals as well as couples, families and even larger groups. Often the dynamics between people is more easily revealed and worked with when everyone is present and willing to support each other's process so that deeper healing can take place. Both energy work and life coaching is available to couples, families and groups.

Susana Sori offers support for the medical, healing and human support professions through direct coaching and through her accredited continuing education courses for the healing communitySupport for the Healing Professions

A significant number of Susana Sori's clients come from the medical, healing and support professions. Over time, the members of the healing professions can be at risk of accumulating the negative energetics of their work environment, and periodically clearing and healing their own energetic system is very helpful. Additionally, Susana offers accredited continuing education for many of the healing professions. One of her courses: Energy Awareness and Protection TM was specifically designed to support the healing professions. For more information for her courses in the Miami area or in Florida, visit: Spirit Unleashed, books, publications, workshops and articles on healing and transformation Spirit Unleashed

Life Coaching wih Susana Sori. Image copyright 2013 by Roman Oleh YaworskyLife Coaching

Take advantage of the integrative skills and experience that Susana Sori brings to help you move towards your life goals, career directions and success. Take life coaching to the next level. Take advantage of Susana's extensive background in management, leadership and life coaching combined with her expertise in directly shifting the energetics that may be holding you back.

Susana Sori with Roman Oleh Yaworsky offers extensive life direction support. Image copyright 2011 by Roman Oleh YaworskyLife Direction Coaching

What is life direction coaching? It goes beyond traditional life coaching, to reveal what would be the optimal directions to take in your life.

Many people do not realize that what they think they are good at may be actually holding them back from success!. Why? Because many people put a lot of energy into improving where they are caught, rather than what would free them to be happier and more successful.

Many clients have greatly benefited from having their life direction and major opportunities for growth revealed using the astrological and energy healing perspective that Roman Oleh Yaworsky has developed. You can find out more about his consulting services and what he offers at: Powerful Light, healing, energy medicine, coaching, workshops and astrology in Miami Powerful Light

Don't miss the opportunity to shift out of your old life-depleting patterns and move on to your great new life. Experience this healing method as effectively practiced with the lightheartedness and shamanic understanding that Susana Sorí brings

In person Energy Medicine and Life Coaching sessions serving Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida. Sessions by phone supporting clients locally and internationally.  

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